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Buffet Chart P = Pasta E = Entrees pp = Per Person
# Number of Guests Choices Standard Buffet Deluxe Buffet
20-34 3 1 Pasta & 2 Entrees
$14.95 per person
1 Pasta & 2 Entrees
$16.95 per person
35-44 4
1P, 3E 1P, 3E
2P, 2E 2P, 2E
45-54 5 1P, 4E 1P, 4E
2P, 3E 2P, 3E
55-69 6 2P, 4E 2P, 4E
3P, 3E 3P, 3E
70-84 7  
2P, 5E 2P, 5E
3P, 4E 3P, 4E
85-99 8 2P, 6E 2P, 6E
4P, 4E 4P, 4E
100-149 9 3P, 6E 2P, 7E
4P, 5E 4P, 5E
150-250 10 3P, 7E 2P, 8E
5P, 5E 5P, 5E

Facts To Know: Food is delivered cool to room temperature to enable food to heat. Please allow to full 1 1/2 to 2 hours for food to heat through. Remember it is heating from steam, so the last 45 minutes are crucial. If you tamper with the trays and allow steam to escape, the food will not get hot. BE PATIENT! If your party is outdoors, please allow 1 to 1 1/2 hours extra for food to heat, and you must wrap the food stand in aluminum foil. You will also need another set of sternoes to continue the heating process, so please inform us so we can supply you with the proper amount of sternoes. Extra sternoes are not included in the buffet.

All pasta dishes should be delayed by one 1/2 hours to prevent them from overheating and drying out.

There will be a $30.00 refundable deposit taken on all food stands and water pans.

Try to have ample space and a sturdy table for your food to be set up in the most non-disturbing way.

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